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Austin Collins - Broken lyrics

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I tried to love you with a broken heart
I tried to hold you with broken arms
I tried for everything but I only got part
Of you

Too many years of living day to day
Too many chances that you gave
Too many promises I never should have made
To you

What are you
To do
When I fall away
Making the same mistakes

I get so nervous that I'll slip off track
I've turned to salt from all my looking back
It keeps me from ever getting the knack

Of you

You stand beside me as it all falls down
I'll find another daydream to follow around
Someday I'll be the talk of the town
For you


Someday I'll give you everything
Someday not so far away.
I wish that I could give you everything, everything

Someday never seems to come it's
Always so far away
I wish that I could give more than hope
For someday

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