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we were free.
we were brave.
we thought Providence our slave.
til the Sea rose to fight.
sent us hurling to our grave.
we cried out as we drowned.
but our voices made no sound in the waves.
not a truce nor a bribe could help us in that Tide.
all our faith.
all our pride.
all our strength was cast aside.
we were lost to the Sea.
sunk and buried underneath.
but I survived.
and it came without a warning.
swept upon us in the morning.
in the middle of our laughter when all was well.
that unspeakable disaster fell.
we were kings.
we were kin.
fought as brothers til the end.
we were drunk.
we were hazed.
we threw caution to the wind.
we were gods so we thought.
but we learned who we were then:
only men.
so pay attention to the warning.
if you want to see the morning.
in the middle of our laughter when all was well.
that unspeakable disaster crashed into our anchor.
sent us falling to our Maker.
so heed the words of one who lived to tell the tale.
learn a lesson from the men who fell.
i don't know why i survived.
i too deserved to die.
but Providence has turned His eye.
and Grace has chosen me to stay.
to live another day.
to give this heart a word to write.
of Peace.
that reached through the debris of that wreckage i call me.
and brought me safely through the night.
of Love.
stronger than the flood.
that fills my heart like blood.
and keeps me anchored to the Light.
so listen to what i have found.
when my world ran aground.
Grace was still a greater Tide.
and all that i have left to say to those who've lost their way: Grace can even save a shipwrecked life.
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Language: English

Appearing on: The Greater Tide - EP (2010) , Into The Sea (2015)

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