Artist Vs. Poet

Artist Vs. Poet - 8-14 lyrics

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Let's just drive.
Forever rides, from all that I stayed.
Think about the outcome.
I thought this was more,
Than just a meaningless chain of events.
I know it's worth it.
And I'm not ashamed to tell you.
Oh you're nothing less than all I have.
I pray to god that you realize,
That you realize!


I'll always be patient.
In spite of all the things you said.
You're not alone, not alone.
(When you find)
(Though you are)
You have always known,
I'll be there.
You're not alone, not alone.

Vs. 2
These words not escape my mouth.
Cause my heart, my heart should lead yours.
So it's the changing world.
That you are, are still ace.
I know it's you, I know it's you.


I am with you, when you're ready to, you're ready to. [x4]

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