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Lonely, Lonely, Oh Woe Is Me
Oh Owe is me I say
The complex cycle i go through almost everyday
To my dismay, I imagine being in this set
Me holdin' the 21st letter in the alphabet
All my life I've been searchin' as if it's my obligation
To find who?
You but my patience grows thin
'cause U is just a letter surrounded by a better image
Of a sister who's new but overdue for marriage
Marriage takes disipline,
A problem that exist within'
The American culture I resist against
But I must recall and I trust that all
I've learned thru life is givin' way to a wife yaw'll
'cause I want, not need a companion to feed
The knowledge I read and the lovin' I've received
Through moms and my palms read a long life
So hey I pray for the day I have a strong wife
And a strong son or daughter or strong both
Give them a foundation of values
I think I'll make a great coach for them
And warn 'em of sin and maybe by then they can nip it in the bud
Before it begins
So hey, if you're listening and yo wishin
For a U like me that you have in store
Maybe I could be the U for U
And U could be the U for me too
I know you're there I just haven't found U yet
Gonna getcha five cent I'll bet
If I lose it's five cents, if I win it's fice decades or more
Of a life with a new wife an 2 or 3 kids
My parents want grandkids wit big heads like mine
Runnin' and jumpin' on the bed with my brownish eyes
THere's sort of a pressure to be married and chilled
With terry gone emotional gaps need to be filled
So I'm sort of searchin' but only in my spare time
Most of the time I'm busy workin' on a beat or rhyme
I don't want a sex partner, a female friend or buddy
To be played with like silly puddy
I want to be played with like clay on a spindle
Wet it, mold it, bend it, hard it, never dwindle
That's called longevity, different than what U read and see On T.V.
So hey if yo listenin' and your wishin' for a U like me
That U have in store
Maybe I could be the U for U
And U could be the U for me too
Maybe I could be the U for U
Maybe U could be the U for me too
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