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(feat. Michael Figaro, Andrew Bartolomeo)

well, that was fantastic

let's have a big round of applause

ladies and gentlemen, we have a fabulous show ahead for you

our next act is a young man who needs no introduction


hello hello

welcome to the wonderful world of me

mr. ballbeam

earl blaize on the boogie

and it goes like this

I stand alone like a leper

in the splended grandeur of my solitude

a rude mannerism

to include on those held back by inhibitions

if the myth that keeps you warm

fails to feel secure by superstition

everything else steering charted to the unknown

sweet reciept of a conic glass

bubbles like bass, where intricate broadcasts

experiments like lab rats

pack heat like a thermos, intrinsic

act on instinct and ballots extinguished

stink like N'Sync, I exist as contradiction

taking your silence as conformation

silver heat

MC for modern classic, conceptual

from you empty gestures, cosmetic

many weathers apart

when your a pitter it patters like wallpaper

floppy cock, vagrants, a vapor, vanquished

empty parking lot vacant and vanished

just as lightbulbs make love and burn themselves out

obviously you're not stingy with stupidity

conceited, and your album's only one song strong

chew your arm off and and raise your hand

appreciation is just as impractical

as masculinity for drag queens

in the game of role reversal

?? conducting the hell's angels at a choir rehersal

rejoice, rejoice, rejoice

and celebrate every day as new year's

is lookin in the mirror to watch my balls drop

four, three, two, one

silver heat
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