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(feat. Nedelka Prescod)

[M. Sayyid]

made out of everything

steady I'm ready

petty rappers

frontin gun clappers

a&r sellin you cars

sellin you stars

round trip ticket to mars

so I picked it apart

spit it, hit it, get it

pivot, swivel and dribble

twist with the sparks

touch this

rush off with crutches

churches and hushes

while I'm rollin dutches

past the ruckers

make a flow in my head

push the clutch

(yo, yo, easy, easy)

(yo, he didn't even use his blinker. what the fuck, man?)

weavin bobbin noddin

I'm keepin features swolen

highten pressure on the hemoglobin

(swollow the nitrate)

[High Priest]

you want your playlist to pop?

put apc at the top

? choppin the pavement, it's toxic

I only spit pure hot, it's the brolic

so what if it's popular

I got to infect you in order to affect you

and I don't expect you go get it at first

my brains burst

sprayin pure freon on celine dion

scream on cats like sam kinison

innocent bystanders swarmin

my thoughts formin

and dormant mcs want to live again

(yo, talk to your man, your man is wild)

ease back, he's that caracter

with disparaging patterns

that manage to damage, I'm famished


[M. Sayyid]

cats trot up with the hate

but I crack back and inflate

smack tracks hack you in eighths

while safari straight primate

when I spit the tape, spit at the fakes

spit it to pivot from snakes

[High Priest]

geeze, for cripe's sake, please give it a break

gotta chop two eights into four bar spaces

my innovation's open faces over the duration

footing the dance with the artform

I put cats in backbraces
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