Alcatrazz - Painted Lover lyrics

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Your old man says, "Young man, stand and deliver"
She just wants that hard stash, hot from your pocket,
She don't need your credit card
So shove it, if you've got it.

Sailing on her waterbed
Side by side and head to head

Painted love, painted love, painted lover
Painted love, painted love, painted lover

Pin striped city tyke has a soft underbelly,
He's transfixed by the heel clicks
And he ducks down the alley
Silken legs stiletto spurred
Pulls you in to make you hers
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Author: Graham Bonnet, Steve Vai

Composer: ?

Publisher: HNE Recordings Ltd


Released in: 1985

Language: English

Appearing on: Disturbing the Peace (1985) , The Best Of (1998)

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