Alcatrazz - Dangerous Games lyrics

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She was a queen with a power of soul
And the eyes could stand the angel's face
She walked down the firey road
Into a young man's heart
Once inside she was chained to the wall
Of love's star court
She was playin' dangerous, dangerous games
Dangerous, dangerous games
Bought a ticket to the next world
Got so high she fell through the sky
An angel took her on his back
They flew so hard his wings they cracked
Lost in a lonely field of lovers
She had a knife undercovers
Now she wants her one and only
She looking too long
And the love that was lonely
Dangerous, d-d-d-dangerous
Dangerous games, that's how they play
They were playin' dangerous, d-d-d-dangerous
Dangerous games, you're messin' around with
Dangerous, d-d-d-dangerous
Dangerous games, can't get away
She's playin' dangerous, d-d-d-dangerous
Dangerous games
She fell to a long lost planet
And her lights went out
The eye of the master of darkness said
Dangerous, d-d-d-dangerous, dangerous games
She was playin' dangerous, d-d-d-dangerous
Dangerous games
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