Alcatrazz - All Night Long lyrics

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You're walking up with your eyes on me
It's looking good but I just don't know
I need a girl who can keep her head
All Night Long
You didn't come just to see the show
I guess you know what you wanna see
The way you smile lets me know I can't go wrong
I wanna touch you
I wanna feel you
I wanna make you mine
I wanna love you (all night long)
I wanna be with you (all night long)
I wanna love you (all night long)
I wanna be with you (all night long)
I saw you standing down by the stage
Your Black stockings and your see through dress
Your mouth is open but I don't wanna hear ya
Say good night
You're sorta young
But you're over age
I don't care cause I like your style
Don't know about your brain
But you look alright
Your mind is dirty
But your hands are clean
You show the class
But youre left alone
I know I can't stand another night
(on my own)
Hey girl would you like some wine
What's your name?
Are you by yourself?
Are you the one?
But you say can I take you home
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