Ailbhe Reddy

Ailbhe Reddy - Late Bloomer

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You are irreplaceable
Because I've tried that is something I know, I know
Through the grimy cityscape
The ancient walls, the newfound cranes they suffocate
They suffocate

We obsess about the future
Question nature versus nurture
But I'm just a late bloomer
You're not backing a loser
I'm just a late bloomer
You're not backing a loser, a loser

Poet's words, graffiti scrawl, a quick drink in the Long Hall
Where I first saw your face
But I dream of a distant place
The sea side lull of foreign trains and your skin awaits
The sight, the taste

We obsess about the future
But sometimes waiting feels like torture
And I'm just a late bloomer
You're not backing a loser
And I'm just a late bloomer
You're not backing a loser
You're not backing a loser
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Friends of the Family


Released in: 2020

Language: English

Appearing on: Personal History (2020)

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