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Against Me! - 8 Full Hours Of Sleep guitar chord

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8 full hours of sleep

RADICAL SINGALONG!! fuck copyrights, let the anarcho-folk songs be sung loud as hell around your campfires or wherever you bust out the guitar!

this song has one weird chord in it, I dont know what its called. its the same as a C only you dont hold the 3rd fret of the A string down. I'm gunna call that chord Aw for A weird. Boy i sure do love how versatile anarcho-folk music is.

C   Aw    F          C   Aw F                              C   Aw  F

           when you sleep   no one is homeless, when you sleep      You cant
                                            C           G
feel the hunger, when you sleep. No one is lonely in a dream. without classes
without nations

(the second verse has the same chord pattern as the first

when you sleep shes stranding there with open arms and one night can last forever
and if you asked her shed never let go
and youd stay forever

F                                       Em
and the suns always risin, in the sky somewhere
Am                      F
and young hearts should explode. from all the lies theyve been told
        C                   G                          F
let the new night bring you peace. And the promise of tommorow

(the second half of the song is the same pattern as the first. the plucking is easy for the song its just the base note of each chord, then the whole chord strummed.)

where we can wake to a new beginning
and tommorow they would have all but have lost their faces
my friends and family. memories of all we had
and tommorow amerika just might fall apart
and tommorow tell me where will you wake up
beyond title, beyond lease careers and laws
somethin more than borders on a map

and the suns always risin in the sky somewhere
and young hearts should explode, from all the lies theyve been told
to live through one night like this,
i would trade it for the silence.
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Author: Against Me!

Composer: ?

Publisher: No Idea Records


Released in: 2002

Language: English

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