Adam Ant

Adam Ant - Libertine

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 Adam ant/marco pirroni

A word from her is worth ten from me

Her main concern is honesty

She beat the selfishness right out of me

The wild eyed child

She's my libertine

My only books were women's looks

And the more I readthe less I said

She wanted to search inside me

To find this so-called purity

She acts the films that I can't see

The wild eyed child

She's my libertine

She showed me the slim chance I'd got

And all the friendships babythat I had not

Be sure she has the guts of three

The wild eyed child

She's my libertine

I know a girl she's got a lust for danger

Thinks being tough makes her the lone ranger

But when the chips are down it's loving she craves

She's just another aphrodite slave                      
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