Adam Ant

Adam Ant - Jolly Roger

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 Adam ant/marco pirroni

In days of oldwhen ships were bold

Just like the men who sailed them

And if they showed us disrespect

We'd tie them up and flail them

Often men of low degree

And often men of steel

Who'd make you walk the plank alone

Or haul you 'round the keel

Hoist the jolly roger!

Hoist the jolly roger!

Hoist the jolly roger!

It's your money that we want

And your money we shall have!

Of all the pirates on the seas

The worst of them was blackbeard

So damnable a fiend from hell

He was the one they most feared

Any man who sailed with him

Was taking quite a chance

He'd hang them from the gallows

Just to see if they could dance (ha! ha!)                      
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