Adam Ant

Adam Ant - Cradle Your Hatred

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I am sorry I eat my soup with a fork
I am sorry I don't listen when you talk
I am sorry I never took the load of you
I am sorry if my behaviour seems too cruel
I am sorry it's time to talk, it's time
I am sorry that you're not me and I'm not you
Stand up
I am sorry for all the shit I've put you through
Stand up
I am sorry I stole away you'r perfect dream
Stand up
I am sorry for all the time I didn't kiss you
It doesn't matter 
Stand up

You cradle you hatred like a baby
Slave to resentment lately
Stand up
God only knows when it's gonna stop
Whatever I say is okay as long as you come out on top

I am sorry we're not like the cartoon family
Stand up
I am sorry but I see that as nothing to envy
Stand up
I am sorry no-one has ever sworn at you
I am sorry 'cause they sure have sworn at me
Let me explain:
A poor boy's dreams are the only luxury
I am sorry we're always lockong horns
I am tired of sitting on the dunces step
The dunces cap just another croen of thorns
It's time... 
I am sorry but isee that as nothing to envy
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