Adam Ant

Adam Ant - Can't Set Rules About Love

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 Adam ant/marco pirroni

I feel suspended in space

In another time and place

To talk would burst the bubble

Just want to lie next to you

And appreciate the view

And hope it lasts forever

We do not have to play games

Or listen to all the names

They have for russian roulette

If it's good enough for the gemini guys

Then it's good enough for me

You can't set rules about love

You can't set rules about love

So the I becomes we

We make our own chemistry

To move is too much trouble

I hope we won't separate

Return to our normal state

As long as we're together

So if it's yes or it's no

Chime time says the radio

Why don't you kiss me deadly

If and when you slip away

Just don't let me hear you say

Good morning and goodbye

Revolution -- the fourth and final part

Revolution -- afterplay with my heart                      
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