Acoustic Alchemy

Acoustic Alchemy - Playing For Time guitar tab

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These chords are very tough and may take a long time to master, but
if you play along with the song you can hear that they are correct.

Intro: (play this 4 times) (all bar chords)
>>There are 2 guitars playing at once but I wanted to tab out the
harder part that is repeated in the background. The lead part is really easy
and should be easy to figure out by anyone who listens to it enough.
Here it is!!!!   Good luck!!!!

>>>NOTE: The "x" represents a very light muffle sound.> Right after the above part play this chorus part�>Right after the above part, play this part�>I haven�t figured out the rest yet but I am working on it.
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Author: Greg Carmichael (2), John Parsons, Nick Webb (3)

Composer: ?

Publisher: GRP Records, Inc.


Released in: 1991

Language: English

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