Abie Flinstone

Abie Flinstone & Kaliq Scott & Karma & Qwes Kross - Get outta my way

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Get outta my way
Don't you stand there

Excuse me get outta of my way
Soon I mean I ain't got all day
I mean leave them
I ain't no follower
That makes me
You can be the first runner
Don't you stand in there
Come on make a move
Let me check .. no time to lose
I am sick I am ill
But no time at all
So go I already took off
You are not
You ain't got no ..
So you go … I go …
I do what it takes
And who is looking at you?
Nobody at you
I am so cold
I keep doing what I've been told
Keep doing what I do no pain
.. I am coming your way

Don't try to get in my way
Over over
Learn from your mistakes
Over over
Get outta my way (repeats)

Verse two guess who
You already know what I came to do
Asian chinga linga leng
Get paid like linga leng
Already know I am crazy
I am all about my texts all about my remies
Let's proceed please step at a side
So I can get my dance …
Yeah let's ride out no Ciara
But you know what I am talking about
I am gonna ride to the …
Adios wait let me …
Walking on the moon I am so fly
.. do you see me high?
I have to go, bye

Let's Go
I gotta go gotta go
Get outta my way, adios
Even if I lose, never lost
Yo M.I.A never close,
Telling me that I'm outta my mind
Yo must be crazy, I feel fine
Frankenstein, on my grind
They think monster, i think I'm,
Just ahead of my time
Living in a world so blind
They see lemon, I see lime
Cut the lights and I'm gon shine
Just the way that God designed
Me and everyone that I am
Been over don't cross the line
Don't make me tell you one more time
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: CNR Music Belgium NV


Released in: 2012

Language: English

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