A Cadence Of Sorts

A Cadence Of Sorts - Coastline: Pleasant Dreams lyrics

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And for the thoughts we failed to mention and for each word that found us best. For the heart that beats for you, resounding loud and through my chest. Here's the moment. There's the light. One last kiss goodbye tonight. "My love it's all we knew...", so here's to you. Here's to the walk, the beach, the candlelight. The way your hair was blowing in the coastal wind. Here's to the long drive home and the radio, to all our favorite songs and how we sang along I knew that it was. Can you remember the look in my eyes? The day was left and night was ours. Letting go was all we knew though stay close (so close) turning in at five past two. And for that day I'd pen in song words of faith and trust alone. Letting go means holding to though stay close (so close) fading lines prove wasted youth. I will never underestimate the way you move, the way you caught my eye and kept me thinking, stole my heart yet kept it beating. And even though I'm flawed "clever only counts if you don't get caught".
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