8Stops7 - Wait I Swear lyrics

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He makes his rounds
At every bar he drinks till ten
She used to wait up
And watch him stumble through the door

She'd pick him up lead him down the hall
Help him sleep off this alcohol
All the while he'd stutter
Out the words he thinks she wants to hear

And the message rings loud and clear

Wait, don't cry
I swear, i can settle down
Wait, don't cry
I swear, i can settle down

But he drinks too much she's had enough
This has to end
She dries her eyes packs her bags
And goes to call her only friend

He bangs on window knowcks down the door

In a drunken stupor calls her a whore
She remembers she once fell in love with his voice
But not anymore. no, she's not anymore


We all want to be safe
Trying to figure this out
Just what became
Of our lives

When did we stop trying
To make the best for our children
One's on the way
I bet you didn't know

*chorus* (2x)

All along she's been thinking
We can be friends
But i don't want to be
Down that same road again

Won't you please let me go
I don't want to be
Tied to the last time
We began to grow
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