702 - You'll Just Never Know lyrics

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I bet you never imagined,
That one day you`d look around,
And I just wouldn`t be there.
So I hear you`re leaving,
Please, don`t go.
I wanna make it right,
`Cuz tomorrow is not promised,
You never know what tomorrow holds.
You just never know,
Don`t put it off till tomorrow today,
Make it last always.
Verse One:
My pride, my destiny,
I find a peace of mind when you`re next at me.
You changed my darkest hour with the gleam from your eye,
Simply smiling at me makes my life complete
So what`s the use in fussing, fighting,
When if you ever leave me I would be so weak
So baby please understand when I go to sleep at night
I wanna know that everything is alright.
You never know.
You just never know,
Don`t put it off `til tomorrow today,
Make it last forever,
Forever and always.
You just never know,
Don`t put it off `til tomorrow today,
Make it last forever and ever,
Forever, forever and always.
Verse Two:
And I`m making sure that every time you`re around me,
We are creating sweet brand-new memories.
Can`t let these silly changes aggravate the love in me,
Just for a moment you can concentrate on me.
Through slow dancing in parking lots,
Through hugs and kisses in the restaurant.
Oh baby you can`t let the sun go down before you let me know,
You`re loving me,
`Cuz you never know.
Repeat Chorus
I can`t imagine one day without you,
? whatever you do.
Nothing else really matters to me,
I`m gonna keep loving you every minute.
Musical Interlude
Repeat Chorus to fade
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Author: Everett "Jam" Benton, LaMenga Kafi, P. Gadget

Composer: ?

Publisher: Motown


Released in: 1999

Language: English

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