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Word iz bond
(Repeat x4)
On and on,
Word iz bond.
On and on,
Word iz bond.
On and on,
Word iz bond,
We be chillin` to the break of dawn,
And it`s on.
(repeat x4)
Verse One:
Woke up this morning,
With chillin` on my head,
Didn`t wanna wake my man,
So instead I called my girlies.
Let`s chill today,
Go out and play,
Get in the car,
And let`s cruise around the way.
While the lead track plays,
In the back so soothin`,
The system is pumpin`,
Got the kids on the block bumpin`.
Just chillin` with my girls it`s sumthin`,
Got more funk in the trunk and it`s funkin`.
Me and the girls know the time before we enter,
The center, of my path finder.
Flirtin` with the guys, cool with the girls,
No numbers just just money,
Or stay in your world.
Crusin` to the homebase,
In Vegas where were livin`,
The peace sign is up when we`re ridin` through,
Passin`,hey how you doin`,
This is how we do,
`Cause we keep it goin` on,
Word iz bond.
Repeat Chorus
Verse Two:
We be chillin`,
With the hottest Phat Farm fashion,
Donna Karan that`s the gear we be wearin`.
Pullin` out a list,
To get me that and get me this,
What I do when I chill with my crew.
So just to get a shout out,
To all my peeps on the street,
We dedicate this song,
On and on and on,
To whom we`ve known so long,
We gotta stay strong,
Word iz bond.
Rap by Shyheim:
I shine like diamonds,
On some straight Lariems.
On the Benz glidin` through smoke foggy wind,
Lay back in the Coupe,
And tellin` ya smellin` like weed.
Who creeps up on the side of me,
Bumpin` "All I Need".
Peep Dom P`s in the bright pink and white rover,
I`m pointin` to the nearest corner,
For shorty to pull it over.
She cracked a smile,
Word iz bond I almost crashed,
Then I blinked again,
And they was gone that fast
Word iz bond.
Repeat Chorus to fade
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: ?


Language: English

Appearing on: No Doubt (1996)

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