702 - Will You Be Ok lyrics

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Will you be okay,
If I go away?
I wish that I could stay,
Say you`ll be okay.
Verse One:
Baby, I know that it hasn`t been long,
And yet it seems our liking has grown,
Into love.
Baby, you know that we knew all along,
That in a little while I will be gone,
So I need to know,
If I go...
Repeat Chorus
Verse Two:
Baby, I can tell by the look in your eyes,
You`re trying to hide what you`re feeling inside,
But go on and cry.
Baby, I know I can`t promise you when,
But we`re gonna see each other again,
Until then,
I gotta know, will you be okay?
Verse Three:
Believe me, I don`t really wanna be leaving,
But you can always call me if you need me,
It`ll be okay.
You know it doesn`t really matter where I go,
`Cuz I`ll be keeping you in my heart so,
You`re never far away.
Repeat Chorus twice
Repeat Verse Three
Repeat Chorus to fade
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Motown


Released in: 1999

Language: English

Appearing on: 702 (1999)

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