702 - Tell Your Girl lyrics

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Tell your girl to stop calling my phone,
Tell her to get a life and leave us alone.
Won`t she get over it and leave us be,
Gotta take care of yours,
But you`re still gonna be with me.
Verse One:
I`ve got something on my mind,
See it bothers me,
`Cuz I`m sick of all the calls,
And I`m tired of all the beef.
Calling my crib seven days a week,
Hang up on her so she don`t say,
She`s hating me `cuz I got your love,
When she`s the one that`s got your baby.
Repeat Chorus
Verse Two:
The closer I get to you,
The more she`s all up in your grill,
Talkin` `bout how y`all should work it out,
And it would be better for the kids.
But she won`t pull that sh*t on me,
`Cuz I`m here to stay,
And I ain`t got nothing to do with her,
So why she keep frontin` with you and me?
Repeat Chorus
I know that everyday,
Didn`t think it`d turn this way,
I know you made mistakes,
And you wish that it would change.
Once you look outside of things,
You get nothing but love from me,
So I hold it down for you,
You know I don`t love anybody else,
Do you love me?
Tell your girl,
Don`t call my phone,
Tell her to leave, leave us alone
Repeat Chorus to fade
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Author: Cynthia Loving, Eric Jackson, Rick Cousin

Composer: ?

Publisher: Motown


Released in: 1999

Language: English

Appearing on: 702 (1999)

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