702 - Seven lyrics

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Verse One:
For so long,
I was the one that you leaned on.
Can`t pretend,
`Cuz my love is true, it should be me and you babe.
Always knew,
One day that we would have a family.
Don`t know what to do,
`Cuz in a week you`re getting married,
I got...
Seven whole days,
And seven whole days,
Is not much time to make you mine.
Knowing that you should be here with me,
I can`t deny, my love I can`t hide.
Seven whole days,
And seven whole days,
To make you see you should be loving me.
Whatever you want, gon` make you feel right,
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah.
Seven whole days, and seven whole nights.
Verse Two:
Don`t wanna hurt her,
But you leaving me, I just can`t concieve.
It may not seem fair,
But in love and war there are no casualties.
I just want what`s mine,
Boy you`re making bad of what belongs to me.
I`m gon` change your mind,
And I guarantee, you`re going to be leaving with me.
Repeat Chorus twice
The flowers are coming today,
I hope she hasn`t picked out a dress already.
I hope she picked out a ring that I like,
`Cuz it`s going to be on my finger tonight.
Repeat Chorus to fade
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Motown


Released in: 1999

Language: English

Appearing on: 702 (1999)

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