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404 Soldierz - Fi-Shit lyrics

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[Big Lee]
Yea bitch, ole back up in this muthafucka
Big Lee, C-Dawg, Twin P, Street T
All up  yo muthafukin ear bitch

Chorus: Big Lee [Crowd]
Who got dat Fi-Shit [To get dis muthafucka crunk]
Who got dat Fi-Shit [To make u muthafuckas jump]
Who got dat Fi-Shit [To make u throw dem sets up]
Who got dat Fi-Shit, dat fi-shit

[Verse One: Big Lee]
Who got dat Fi-Shit, to make yall muthafuckas blase one
I mean choke sum purple, hydro
Make ya jump when u hear dat intro
Playa don't cha know
It be dem 404 boys
Makin soldier noise
Everytime u pull da blunt, then hear da track
Make a muthafucka wanna pause
Betta check ya draws
Cuz it's dat ?? shit
Every track on tha album be a single, bitch
Didn't think C-Dawg, Big Lee was com'n back
Wit dem MTV hits, ain't dat sum shit
We done did it again
This time we done brought sum friends
Wit Shawty Redd, Twin P, Street T, ??, an ??

Chorus 2x

[Verse Two: C-Dawg]
I be tha one wit da Fi-Shit, make ya trow ya sets up
Represent where ya from
Let em know here we come
ATL got em on tha run
404 jus got it done
Dat fi-shit keep com'n out da Dirty South
Yall niggas betta shut ya mouth
Who runs dis muthafuckin Dirty Dirty South
ATL no dout
See yall muthafuckas clown Street Talk, Twin P
We where in tha streets, we where in tha lab
We where puttin it down
An yall hatas wanna come around
Hell naw, I'ma turn dis shit into a show down
Now watch me muthafuckin clown
Dat Fi-Shit goin down

Chorus 2x

[Verse Three: Big Lee]
Its dat Fi (Fi) Fi (Fi) Fi (Fi) Shit
Make a real G throw his set
Make a pimp go slap his bitch, ain't dat sum shit
Kass Flo, Eclipse, Coalition Blue Boi is on tha loose
Shawty Redd too, he tha youngest an tha crunkest
An I bet he is,  my nigga wha u gonna do
Go get ya crew, I bet ya can't fuck wit dis
Tryin ta steal my nigaro
Ain't a chance fo dat, we go an get dat Tahoe
Wit da 20's an go pick up ya hoes
Den hit da sho, put da hoes on stage
An let em whitsle while they work
Now talk sum shit, we got da hits
Now I dare ya ta fuck wit dis Fi-Shit

Chorus 2x

Who go dat Fi (Fi) Fi (Fi) Fi (Fi) Shit
Who go dat Fi (Fi) Fi (Fi) Fi (Fi) Shit
Who go dat Fi (Fi) Fi (Fi) Fi (Fi) Shit
Who got dat Fi-Shit, dat Fi-Shit

[Big Lee talklin]
Yea Street Talk, Twin P, C-Dawg, Kass Flo
Blue Boi, Shawty Redd, DJ Eclipse, DJ Smooth
Ghetto Thug DJ's all up in yo muthafuckin ear
Fo tha 2000 BITCH

Wha Wha Wha (till the end)
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Language: English

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