32Crash - Melang Ohlm's Hit And Run

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2112 is the year
November 18 is the day

3:50 PM the exact time
Ms Melang the Ohlm the for freighter
Unerdimndy minds are her weapons
English calm and clear is the sky

Invisibility is the secret
Weeping out misery the mobile

A cerebral suppress is the target
Technology a concern

So impossible is the mission
Totally unthinkable to steal
Unsuspectable is of her
Heavily munition the...

Tantalizing is the price of her
The reward is a mountain of gold
Unexpected and swift is the assault
The way out is work of pure genius
An inextricable maze of time tunnels

3:51 PM is the time now
Ms Melang the Ohlm swept the stake
Ms MelangOhlm enters history
Ms MelangOhlm becomes the game

No you will not get her back
Unraidable is her track
You cannot tell black from black
You won't find her in her back
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Alfa Matrix


Released in: 2011

Language: English

Appearing on: Y2112Y (2011)

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