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only two dollars to our name
 thin black tie and polished shoooes
 we were out playin the game
 jeff pointed out the lass in the dress
 said "she was the one to be had"
 all the guys were talkin about her
 said, "man she looked bad in plaid"
 rude girl, met her at dance hall party
 dancing, swinging round everybody
 rude girl, watching her steal the show
 walked up, said hello, asked her to dance and she said, "let's go"
 she hopped it up and she stepped it down
 must've been the best rude girl in town
 the band was hot but she kept her cool
 made the other dancers look like fools
 joe and luke were talkin jive in the back
 the horns were doing their thing
 but jay was doing double takes and watching that rude girl swing
 one o'clock came and the dance was done
 the band was ready to hit the town
 i searched round and round the club
 but rude girl was nowhere to be found
 rude girl, haven't seen her since the dance last week
 i began wondering, what's the future for her and me
 rude girls, a pack of them walking by
 at a glance, a new one caught my eye
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Barking Moon Dog Records


Released in: 1997

Language: English

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