3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down - The Last Day lyrics

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So this is how it ends love
And brightness fills the air
The lights went down in April
And no one seemed to care
Relieve me of this burden of despair

The same mistakes I made love
Will haunt me never more
They slew my where I lay love
They pounded down my door
Now that I - I am no longer keeping score

So kill me now I'm helpless
And dark may have this day
The hour is late for lyrics
The words have blown away
Now that I have she'd
The burden of decay

It's the last day
Of the world
All the stars fired up
To unfurl
Gonna meet you
In the space within
You and I
We'll race the light
And win

(Rain blades are portals
Burrowing in ether
Through fleshes of souls
Deeper and deeper
Into the flames
Of words with no names
An unborn teeming oblivion
Yet still
I breathe
In this fathomless void
This bristling darkness
What is there to see?
In the blackest of shadows
An echo replies

The answer is nothing
The truth is the question
A sun-crested searcher
Beaming her bones
Fills up my lungs
With a new song of question
How can there be now?
If only I'd dream
Faster than light
Set fire to the past
Set the furure to flight
See with the eye
For which I am the mirror
The pitcher;
The catcher;
The game

There is no rhythm in this silence
Blood in this faceless wind
Pistons of white flame
Firing perfect unity
In the machinery of the beyond
Swallow the heart of God with your hands
Don't trust your eyes that see only tears)
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