3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down - Be Like That guitar tab

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basically this song is tabbed  incorrectly....
so heres what i have interpreted it to be...
 i dont use alot of little abreviation things but
 heres a tab key anyway

 tab key:
 pm= palm mute, obviously...
 p= pull
 h= hammer

 (A)|--5-5---6p5-5h6 5---8-8---8p6-6h8 6-----|

 play that ^  two times, but on the second time,
 instead of this part:
 (D)|---8-8------------- |
 (A)|---8-8---8p6-6h8 6---|
 (E)|---6-6------------- |

 play this instead:
 (D)|---3-3---0----------|let  the -0- ring out
 (A)|---3-3---3----------|          -3-
 play this whole thing twice....

 after the intro, these chords are played...listen to
 the cd for the rhythm
 and timing....its played without and then with palm

 the chorus is the same as the intro , with a little
 something extra...to play
 the chorus, just play the intro as you normally play
 it, only follow it up
 with this:

 figure one
                 { pm.............             }dont
 pm the last note

 figure two
                 { pm.............              }dont
 pm last note

 play each one twice, first figure one, then two,
 then one, then two again,
 get it? if you dont, then your just slow, just read
 it a few more times and
 youll get it, its not complicated...

 after the chorus, it goes back to this:
 its played muted, then its played without muting...
 again, listen to the cd for the rhythm and timing
 for this part...well thats
 about it, as far as my memory goes, if there are any
 parts i left out, then
 figure them out yourself!, im sick of typing!
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Author: Brad Arnold

Composer: Brad Arnold, Chris Henderson (2)

Publisher: Universal Records Inc.


Released in: 2007

Language: English

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Saturday 9th of February 2002 21:30

i found out that be like that actually starts out like: