Why do you do this?
Because we like it!

Why can`t I see some lyrics?
All lyrics are copyright protected. That`s why we ask -as much as possible- permission to the groups to publish their lyrics. Sometimes, for a varietiy of reasons, they can`t give us that permission. So we remove those lyrics immediately. Sadly for us, but the good right of the copyright holders (and that`s why they`re called that)

Why should I register?
If you register you receive access to extra functionality:
- You don`t have to enter your name anymore (eg when adding lyrics or forum messages)
- You get your own profile page where you (and all other visitors) can see what you`ve already added to this site.
- Can add yourself to the fanlist of groups (see below in this faq)
More features will be added in the future. if you have any ideas or suggestion, feel free to share them in our forum.

How can I become a fan of a group?
Next to each group is a button whith which you can add yourself to their fan-list. This option is only available for registered members

What are tags?
Via tags we can catagorize the artists, lyrics, CDs, ... on this site. Not only by genre (eg "Pop", "Rock", ...) but also by meaning (eg "lovesick, parting" for a song which is about saying good-bye to a lover).

What is the MuzScore?
Everything you submit to Muzikum is added to your MuzScore. The higher the MuzScore, the more active that members has been.

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