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2 Much - Grow Up lyrics

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All the girls say "grow up"

All the girls say, oh 

Calling all young girls 15 plus

Ya'll ain't seen nuttin like 2much

Pullin up and ya'll ain't neva seen trust me

Watch how these young boys flip dat but

We chillin out top screamin no Laseanega

Put's em out screamin out some Cali gurls

Shawty dey with dat done got to her

The way she lookin I can tell she like whoa

Everytime I look she lookin back

They ain't got none o' dat

Ya'll take da 3, I'm a be in the car

Tryna see jus exactly where my mind really at

She jus rolled the windows up and gave me a kiss

2nd month she tried 2 get me alone

She didn't care about anyone watchin it

All she kept sayin is I'm a make u grow up

All that shawty kept sayin 2 me

Is that I'm a make u grow up with your fantasy

I ain't neva like that have one put hands on me

She got the wheel and told me shut-up

And it's time 4 me 2 grow up

Out Cali, we get, tat it,

Then rag it and sit it in

We at it, 15, we status

Didn't have it so get it in

So many of these girls are walkin

Tell 'em park if you need a friend

2much, dat is us, on yo TV growin up

At first I could'ntunderstand wat was she gone

Cause I'm jus 16 and this girl's 21

She said she felt that I needed 2 know somethin

So she jus took the situation in her own hands

(oh boy)

You know da pizzle I had 2 jump in

Let the whole world know who behind all these hits

I made a call, said it's gone cost

But just wait till you get a load of dese kids

When we pull up, we keep it piled up

Chris, Myles, Marcell, and my brotha Milo

That girl with da Loui bag tucked

But she keep lookin at me like she wanna get touched

What it is, neva been in a Ben

But I kno wat it is, when I need 2 get in

Don't forget the name, we be 2much

On yo TV growin up

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