2 Foot Yard

2 Foot Yard - Octopus lyrics

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I've got three hearts, and one's for you.
It's only big enough for two.
It's lined with petals and it's cozy like an igloo.
Come in any time you're feeling blue
Cause of my three hearts, this one's for you.

I've got three hearts, and one's all mine.
In it, I can loose all sense of time.
It's filled with paper dolls, and parasols,
And notes in crumpled balls I left behind

For you to find.
Keep out, it says upon the wooden sign.

I've got three hearts and one's condemned.
It's seams are ripped, it's walls, I cannot mend.
It's piled high with things I've stolen,
Bits of days that push the swollen doors,
This little structure can't contend.
It's passion will turn out to be it's end.
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