16 Horsepower

16 Horsepower - Heel On The Shovel lyrics

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an to the sun your face i'll raise
 i'm diggin' you a shallow grave
 one hundred buzzards buzzin'
 i seen death hangin' from the tallest tree
 eyes closed no lookin' back at me
 ye they came an took him in the night
 the one who kissed em was greed
 o everyone will see
 an everyone will know
 boy you reap what you sow
 i'm diggin' you a shallow grave
 an on your rotten bones i'll raise
 yellow daisies
 for my true loves hair
 one hundred buzzards buzzin'
 i see death runnin' from his majesty
 o lord where is the fear in me
 in between your praying hands
 you hold the skeleton key
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Author: 16 Horsepower, David Eugene Edwards

Composer: ?

Publisher: Jetset Records


Released in: 2013

Language: English

Appearing on: Sackcloth 'N' Ashes (1996)

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