Kate Miller-Heidke

O Vertigo!

O Vertigo!
1.   Offer It Up (Submit new Lyrics)
2.   Yours Was The Body
3.   O Vertigo!
4.   Share Your Air (feat. Passenger)
5.   Rock This Baby To Sleep
6.   Jimmy (Submit new Lyrics)
7.   What Was I To You? (Submit new Lyrics)
8.   Sing To Me
9.   Drama (feat. Drapht)
10.   Lose My Shit
11.   Ghost (feat. Megan Washington) (Submit new Lyrics)
12.   Bliss (Submit new Lyrics)
13.   I'm Jealous (live) (Submit new Lyrics)
Type: Full CD
Publisher: Cooking Vinyl
Published in: 2014

Submitted by keeskees at Wed 13 Aug, 2014 8:40 am


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