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Trespassing With Trespassing, his sophomore album released on May 15, 2012, Adam Lambert proved once again that he deserved to win the American Idol. His follow-up to For Your Entertainment, reveals a bold, highly talented Adam who gave up the dramatics and theatrics he became famous for, in order to channel his entire energy towards the songs that make this brand new album a gamut of emotions.
After “an exciting journey through the past two years” of his life, Adam is back with a sound more accomplished. “It’s been a transformative period and I really wanted to make music from what I’ve experienced. All these songs honestly explore the ups and downs of my reality,” he said about his latest album.
Nevertheless, don’t even think for a second that he has changed entirely. He’s still that poptastic guy that shocks you out and makes you want to jump and dance until total exhaustion. The difference is that he substituted his gutsy style with a more flamboyant approach and his old music with a combination of trends that seems to sell music much better these days.
However, far from being too commercial, Trespassing is a gamut of emotions, probably because Adam produced many of the tracks on it and left his emotional print deeply incrusted in the lyrics of the songs. “Better Than I Know Myself” is a lovelorn, a soaring melodrama, while “Broken English” is about what matters the most for him: dealing with various aspects of a relationship, building a healthy relationship and making it work.
“Cuckoo” is a sentimental electro dance pop track, in which Adam sings about doing whatever he feels like, without being afraid to shout out to the world that he’s not going to change. He sings about getting “crazy” and wanting to “lose his mind” because this is what liberation means.
“Chokehold” is a saucy and kinky song about break-ups. It has a quicker pace, breaking the melancholic rhythms of previous tracks.
“Underneath” is as personal as a song can get, so the critics classified it as the strongest on the album. Adam evokes strong emotions that make you feel like you’re actually within his soul at that very moment.
“Outlaws of Love” is also a beautiful ballad, more like a manifesto for the LGBT community than a simple, basic track.
In addition, Adam is not afraid to sing about sexuality and the emotions it triggers in “Kickin’ In”, a song about a possible threesome and “Pop That Luck”, an invitation to dance and have a sexual party. “Shady”, featuring Nile Rodgers and Sam Sparro, doesn’t strain from this rhythm, being a song filled with heavy breathing, uuuhs and aaahs à la Britney Spears.
There are also three bonus tracks included on the album: “Running”, “Take Back” and “Nirvana”, three songs that will set your pulse racing in order to complete the gamut of emotions and close the circle. Overall, Trespassing will make you want to dance and sing along while you’re evolving together with Adam from a simple trespasser to a holder of truth and wisdom.

Album Information
Released May 15, 2012
Genre Pop
Length 42:32
Label 19, RCA
Producer Josh Abraham, Ammo, Jason Bonilla, busbee, Cirkut, Josh Crosby, Adam Lambert (exec.), Robert Marvin, Lester Mendez, Dr. Luke, Oligee, The Smeezingtons, U-Tern, Rune Westberg, Fred Williams, Pharrell Williams

Deluxe edition additional tracks
13. “Runnin’” - 3:48
14. “Take Back” - 3:12
15. “Nirvana” - 4:22
UK additional tracks
16. “By the Rules”
17. “Map”
Japan additional track
16. “By the Rules”
France additional track
16. “Playground”
1.   Trespassing
2.   Cuckoo
3.   Shady
4.   Never close our eyes
5.   Kickin' In
6.   Naked Love
7.   Pop That Lock
8.   Better than I know myself
9.   Broken English
10.   Underneath
11.   Chokehold
12.   Outlaws Of Love
Type: Full CD
Publisher: 19, RCA
Published in: 2012

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