Blackmore's Night

Past Times with Good Company

Past Times with Good Company
1.   Shadow of the moon
2.   Play Minstrel Play
3.   Minstrell Hall (Submit new Lyrics)
4.   Past Time With Good Company
5.   Fires At Midnight
6.   Under A Violet Moon
7.   Soldier of Fortune (Submit new Lyrics)
8.   16th Century Greensleeves (Submit new Lyrics)
9.   Beyond the Sunset (Submit new Lyrics)
10.   Morning Star
11.   Home Again
12.   Renaissance Faire
13.   I Still Remember
14.   Dürch den Wald zum Bachhaus (Submit new Lyrics)
15.   Writing On The Wall
16.   Fires at Midnight [Acoustic Live Version] (Submit new Lyrics)
17.   Home Again [Greek Version] (Submit new Lyrics)
Type: Full CD
Publisher: Steamhammer
Published in: 2002

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