The open door

The open door Release Date: October 3, 2006Label: Wind-UpGenres: Rock/MetalTracks:1. Sweet Sacrifice2. Call Me When You're Sober3. Weight of the World4. Lithium5. Cloud Nine6. Snow White Queen7. Lacrymosa8. Like You9. Lose Control10. The Only One11. Your Star12. All That I'm Living For13. Good Enough"The Open Door" is an amazing follow-up album to their debut, "Fallen". The band has matured incredibly in their lyric writing and musical style. Amy Lee's haunting vocals are stronger than ever, backed up by Terry Balsamo and John LeCompt on guitar, Tim McCord on bass, and Rocky Gray on drums. Amy also plays the piano pieces on the album.Review by song:Sweet SacrificeAmy's voice soars on this opening track, with beautiful rhythm guitar riffs and a pleading melody.Call Me When You're SoberThe song starts right off with Amy's spectacular piano and sinister melodies, soon joined by intense guitar and bass lines. Amy lashes out at her ex, telling him off for mistreating her and letting him know she's moving on with her life, with or without him.Weight of the WorldA desperate song, with lyrics screaming of the crushing burden of stress. Amy's voice hits new heights in this track, absolutely mind-blowing.LithiumMournful melodies and melancholic lyrics make this song the ultimate rainy-day song. The addition of piano pieces make it wonderfully chilling.Cloud NineThis track is filled with eerie harmonies and Amy's menacing voice. The lyrics mourn a relationship that doesn't have a storybook ending.Snow White QueenAmy anxiously belts out about her stalker, pleading for him to leave here alone. Fierce guitar riffs in the chorus build the track up, creating an explosively hellish ballad.LacrymosaHarrowing violin arrangements intensify this already-unnerving piece. Piercing guitar riffs top it off at the end of the song with a powerful conclusion.Like YouAmy's mournful piano playing accompanies her grief-stricken overture to her departed sister.Lose ControlThere's a sinister undertone in this track, as the lyrics ponder whether she can let go.The Only OneWith unusually reassuring lyrics, Amy declares that every person experiences dejection and hopelessness at one time or another. As always, heavy guitars perfect the piece.Your StarEnchanting strains of harmonies and piano will draw you into this song. A beautiful choir joins Amy.All That I'm Living ForThe band confides through music why they continue working in a harsh industry: it's everything to them. Terry and John give captivating performances on guitar, with stunning rhythm riffs.Good EnoughThis track is just Amy and her beloved piano. She delivers a breathtaking presentation with soulful admittance to being "good enough" for her loved one. I personally find this is the best song on the album.Evanescence in Concert:Amazing! I was able to see them in Detroit at the State Theater. They sound as good as, or better, than they do on the album. Amy has an awesome stage presence, as do the rest of the band. The only thing I didn't like was the band didn't really connect with the audience. They were just there to play a show and make some money, a little disappointing. Overall, though, it was a great concert.
1.   Sweet sacrifice
2.   Call me when you're sober
3.   Weight of the world
4.   Lithium
5.   Cloud nine
6.   Snow white queen
7.   Lacrymosa
8.   Like you
9.   Lose control
10.   The only one
11.   Your star
12.   All that I’m living for
13.   Good enough
Type: Full CD
Publisher: Wind-up Records
Published in: 2006

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