Fallen ALBUM: 10/10 This album is amazing. Amy Lee's voice is so beautiful, and all the lyrics are so meaningful.

GOING UNDER: 9/10 This song is wonderful. The guitars in the background kick butt, and once again, the vocals are amazing.

BRING ME TO LIFE: 9/10 In this song I really like the chorus. It's cool how they switch off: Amy Lee's voice, then the guy-whose-name-I-forget, then her voice, etc.

NOBODY'S FOOL: 10/10 Perfect. I could listen to this song for the rest of my life and never get tired of it.

MY IMMORTAL: 8/10 The lyrics are so beautiful, but after a while the song gets boring.

HAUNTED: 7/10 I can't really put my finger on it, but something about this song just doesn't capture my attention.

TOURNIQUET: 9/10 This song deals with suicide and faith. It is amazing.

IMAGINARY: 8/10 I like the song overall, but the chorus is a little stupid...

TAKING OVER ME 15/10 Okay... I know a 15/10 not exactly possible, but this song deserves it. Everything about it is wonderful... "You saw me mourning my love for you, and touched my hand. I knew you loved me then." I am just obsessed with that section of the song.

HELLO: 5/10 Boring...

MY LAST BREATH: 10/10 Again, a wonderful song. Amy Lee's voice is just amazing.

WHISPER: 4/10 Stunning song. Everything is perfect... until the opera part in the middle. (Around 2 minutes and 40 seconds...) And that weird chant at the end... They are such song killers.

1.   Going under
2.   Bring me to life
3.   Everybody's fool
4.   My immortal
5.   Haunted
6.   Tourniquet
7.   Imaginary
8.   Taking over me
9.   Hello
10.   My last breath
11.   Whisper
12.   My immortal
Type: Full CD
Publisher: Wind-up, Epic
Published in: 2003

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CommonCrawl [Bot]
Fri 06 Jan, 2006 2:29 pm
Well im a huge evanescence fan and i thought this album was excellent. The mix of Ame Lee's BEAutiful voice and the hard rocking guitars and drums really did it for me. I love the album soo much just because of the pure quality and originality of the songs. My personal favs are taking over me and holding my last breath. 100000000 out of 10 for me (i was always bad at maths ^^)
Thu 22 Dec, 2005 2:58 pm
Fallen = totally perfect
all songs get 10/10
I love the piano and I love it with hard rock and gothic dark lyrics and amy's voice.
My Immortal and hello are the slow songs with the piano and they are perfect.So beautiful lyrics... they sometimes make me cry!
Best 4 songs are:
Bring me to life - nice music and lyrics and catcy
Everybody's fool - no something special with the music but veeery good lyrics.(Video clip is good too.)
My Immortal - this song made me buy the album.
Whisper - Heavy gothic one
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