Ozzy Osbourne

Blizzard Of Ozz

Blizzard Of Ozz Songs:
1. I Don't Know
2. Crazy Train
3. Goodbye to Romance
4. Dee(instrumental)
5. Suicide Solution
6. Mr. Crowley
7. No Bone Movies
8. Revalation (Mother Earth)
9. Steal Away (the Night)

Original album was produced by: Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhoads, Lee Kerslake, and Bob Daisley.

This was a great start for Ozzy; alongside with Randy Rhoads, this album was a huge success. Rhoads' guitar playing from this album inspired me to play guitar. With his incredible solo from Crazy Train, Rhoads made Osbourne that much better.

I Dont Know - great song, excellent guitar playing, exceptional solo.

Crazy Train - best song on album, best solo and intro riff, my favorite song.

Goodbye to Romance - good song, another good solo,my friend's favorite song.

Dee - good instrumental by Rhoads alone with 12 string acoustic.

Suicide Solution - great, heavy song.

Mr. Crowley - another awesome, heavy song, Rhoads' solos are awesome, must hear song!

No Bone Movies - not a great song, but at least it has a good guitar solo.

Revalation - long song, but the last 3 minutes is a guitar solo.

Steal Away - good song, not a slurpy-slurpy love song, great guitar solo as with all songs on album.

Rest IN Peace Randy! You were the best!!!
1.   I Dont Know
2.   Crazy train
3.   Goodbye To Romance
4.   Dee
5.   Suicide Solution
6.   Mr Crowley
7.   No Bone Movies
8.   Revelation Mother Earth
9.   Steal Away The Night
Type: Full CD
Publisher: Jet Records
Published in: 1980

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CommonCrawl [Bot]
Tue 20 Jun, 2006 3:18 pm
Enough said that "Crazy Train" is on this album. One of the all-time best songs ever.
Tue 22 Nov, 2005 3:09 pm
Outstanding! Includes the song that put Ozzy on the charts, "Crazy Train". The song "Dee" has amazing chords arranged in the perfect way. Randy Rhoads truly outpreformed on this album. Tommy Aldrige had some really basic beats, though. But the guitar solos! The solo in "Revelation (Mother Earth)" was amazing as well as clasical sounding. Almost like the solo was orgionally written in the 1700's and put to the insane "Flying V" guitar. GREAT!
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