Ten thousand Fists

Ten thousand Fists I got into Disturbed around May 2005. Since then i have listened to nothing but Disturbed. Quite literally i have listened to nothing else since then. I play the drums and found the drumming of Mike Wengren suited my tastes perfectly. I love the way he used his bass drums. I first got The Sickness album, fell in love with it, then got Believe, and finally got Ten Thousand Fists a couple of months ago. All their albums are superb but with the progression from The Sickness to Believe and finally Ten Thousand Fists it is plainly obviously how every member of the band (except for Fuzz as he left) has improved greatly as a musician. David is singing more difficult notes, Mike is playing much more complicated rhythms, Dan is finally playing solos (whilst they do not compare to many of the guitarists today i like them much more. Most solos today are about how fast you can play. Not here. Dan's solos seem to fit into the song perfectly which is amazing and just blows you away when they come in), and even though Fuzz has left the bass seems to fit much better in their third album.

As with all disturbed cd's the sound quality is excellent, no complaints here. I listen to all my music on my computer and when i ripped the cd to mp3 i used lossless compression so each mp3 is about 40mb!!! I did not want to lose any sound quality in the conversion. When listening on a discman or on a quality HiFi they sound the best though.

I love the album cover. Ten thousand fists banging in the air. I love it so much i put it into my Senior Page in the yearbook. Done by the guy that did the Spawn comics, could not be done anyone better. It seems to fit the music too.

The tracks are all heavy, which is what we, Disturbed fans, want. There is contrast though. Some, such as Stricken and Just Stop, start out heavy and blow you away. My favourite, however, starts off slow and builds up as it progresses. Not just one instrument building up like many other bands but the entire band builds up. The effect is breathtaking at insane volumes with the help of a little alcohol or other substances. The song starts of slow and eventually reaches a crescendo with Dan's solo. The solo is perfect for the song and conveys a great deal of emotion through his guitar. For those who know the album i am of course talking about Overburdened. Ofc course all David's animal noises are in this, they add a sence of aggression which i find helps me connect to the music.

With most bands i like some songs but not all. Not so with Disturbed. There is not a single song on any of their albums that i do not like. Favourite album is Ten Thousand Fists as it shows how much the band has progressed as musicians.
I love this band so much that i am flying all the way to Amsterdamn (from Zimbabwe. For those ignorant people it is near South Africa. For those even more ignorant people it is at the bottom of Africa) to see them in concert. Can't wait.

I have been greatly influenced in my drumming by Mike Wengren. He is not the best drummer but he caters to my taste perfectly. Had it not been for him i would not be as good as i am now.

Final Thoughts: this band ROCKS!!! All their albums are good. If you do not have them, get them. For those of you who do not like Disturbed, listen to them for a bit. I am sure you will find something about them that you like.
1.   Ten thousand fists
2.   Just stop
3.   Guarded
4.   Deify
5.   Stricken
6.   I'm alive
7.   Sons of plunder
8.   Overburdened
9.   Decadance
10.   Forgiven
11.   Land of confusion
12.   Sacred Lie
13.   Pain Redefined
14.   Avarice
15.   Monster
Type: Full CD
Publisher: Reprise / Wea
Published in: 2005

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