Best Type: Full CD
Publisher: ?
Published in: 2002

1.   Handbag And Glandbag (Submit new Lyrics)
2.   Maybe
3.   Roll Up And Shine
4.   Pick A Part Thats New
5.   Have a nice day
6.   Nice To Be Out
7.   Hurry up and wait
8.   Unknown (Submit new Lyrics)
9.   Watch Tehm Fly Sundays (Submit new Lyrics)
10.   Everyday I Think Of Mondays (Submit new Lyrics)
11.   The Bartender An The Thief (Submit new Lyrics)
12.   I Wounldn't Believer Your Radio (Submit new Lyrics)
13.   Vegas Two Times
14.   Caravan holiday
15.   T-shirt Sun Tan
16.   Mr. Writer
17.   A Minute Longer
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