Word Gets Around

Word Gets Around Word Gets Around has 12 songs:
Genre: Rock n Roll
Written By: Kelly Jones
Performed By: Kelly Jones, Richard Jones and Stuart Cable
Length: 42:08

*A thousand trees
*looks like chaplin
*more life in a tramps vest
*local boy in the photograph
*not up to you
*check my eyelids for holes
*same size feet
*last of the big time drinkers
*goldfish bowl
*too many sandwiches
*billy davies daughter

1 - 12 respectively

The words in kelly's songs were often based round small town, working class stories in this record in the likes of "too many sandwiches" which is about a typical working class wedding party.

an excellent debut album from the phonics whom have since gone from strength to strength and now released their 4th album "you gotta go there to come back"


a young kelly jones
1.   A thousand trees
2.   Looks Like Chaplin
3.   More Life In A Tramps Vest
4.   Local boy in the photograph
5.   Traffic
6.   Not Up To You
7.   Check My Eyelids For Holes
8.   Same Size Feet
9.   Last Of The Big Time Drinkers
10.   Goldfish Bowl
11.   Too Many Sandwiches
Type: Full CD
Publisher: V2
Published in: 1997

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