Use Your Illusion 2

Use Your Illusion 2 Type: Full CD
Publisher: Geffen Records
Published in: 1991

This album is insane. A fantastic record, with loads of great tracks. Slash really goes off the wall with this record, and axl's singing is perfect. The drums of matt sorum and bass of duff is tight, and izzy's song writting is as good as ever. ROCK ON GNR.

1.   Civil war
2.   14 Years
3.   Yesterdays
4.   Knockin' On Heaven's Door
5.   Get in the ring
6.   Shotgun blues
7.   Breakdown
8.   Pretty tied up
9.   Locomotive
10.   So fine
11.   Estranged 1
12.   You could be mine
13.   Don't cry
14.   My world


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Anonymous Mon 24 Jul, 2006 8:00 pm

This is the second piece of the musical master piece. It is a lot calmer than no1, with clasics kike civil war, yesterdays, knocking on heavens door and you could be mine. Still good hard rock n roll but as insane as the first one with tracks like back of bitch, double talkin, g jive (amazing solo.) any way this is the must have! Out of the 2 the great performances from slash his guitar skills are insane he is perfect and axls voice is really really amazing in this album. And every over hes more like singing and in key in civil war and back to screaming in you could be mine classic.

Anonymous Sat 10 Jun, 2006 1:52 pm

It Kicked Major Ass, I just hope Axl and The Gun's New Album Coming soon Chinese Demorcy Kicks Ass Too. I've been awating a New kick ass album from the Guns for years, Make it Rock Axl, Make It Rock.

sxdx79 Tue 06 Jul, 2004 10:23 pm

great album. lots of great songs like civil war, knocking on heavens door, breakdown, get in the ring and every other song except for my world. estranged is a great song, a piece of art you could say. the songs dont get old or boring each one is unique and well put together.once again izzy and slash work perfect together. the rest of the band is great also.

I love this album. It is up their with appetite for destruction and use your illusions 2. Any fan of gnr needs to get this album it is a must for the collection.

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