Use your illusion I

Use your illusion I Type: Full CD
Publisher: Geffen
Published in: 1991

this album is great. 15 awesome songs more than an hour of great songs. each song is great and they dont sound the same. each song is different. slash is amazing at his solos and izzy does rythum perfect. duff does great on bass and matt does great on drums. and of course axl does awesome at singing.

I love this album. Anyone who like guns n roses should listen and get this cd. Not one bad song on this cd. And if you play guitar their also fun to play with.

1.   Right next door to hell
2.   Dust n' bones
3.   Live and let die
4.   Don't cry
5.   Perfect crime
6.   You ain't the first
7.   Bad obsession
8.   Back off bitch
9.   Double talkin' jive
10.   November Rain 1
11.   The garden
12.   Don't damn me
13.   Bad apples
14.   Dead horse
15.   Coma
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