Lest We Forget: The Best Of

Lest We Forget: The Best Of Type: Compilation
Publisher: Interscope Records
Published in: 2004

I never bought this album but I downloaded it all from the internet. I found out about marilyn manson when I listened to his single 'personal jesus'. I downloaded also other songs of him to compare.
Well, of course not the best of his work. It's just like 1-2 best songs from each album. If you want to start a marilyn manson collection now, it's a good start.

1 The Love Song - good start for marilyn manson:'do you you love your guns? god? the govorment?' 4/5
2 Personal Jesus - most recent song in this album ,it's a bit boring. 3/5
3 mOBSCENE - Nice...it's a bit like No.7 (this is the new shit) 4/5
4 The Fight Song - FANTASTIC lyrics, one of Manson's best songs 5/5
5 Tainted Love - good loud version of tainted love 4/5
6 The Dope Show - the drug song.I like it cause it sounds weird.I like the lyrics too.Tells you the truth about drugs... 5/5
7 This Is The New Shit - Perfect.I will never get tired of listening to it. it's great, catchy with good lyrics. 5/5
8 Disposable Teens - common 4/5
9 Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)- I like this version of sweat dreams, it's better than the original 4/5
10 Lunchbox - Funny!Funny lyrics.I really liked the kids voice at the beginning. 4/5
11 Tourniquet - this is about a boy trying to bring to life his dead girlfriend. Really nice and quite melodic. 5/5
12 Rock Is Dead - Catchy. Good lyrics. 4/5
13 Get Your Gunn - stupid.It's the oldest song in this album.When I listen to it I fell... dirty. 1/5
14 The Nobodies - this song is about the columbine thing, really nice melodic song ,one of my favourite 5/5
15 Long Hard Road Out Of Hell - spooky nice melody, think this one should be the most representetive of MM. 5/5
16 The Beautiful People - really good song.It's like No.1(the love song)5/5
17 The Reflecting God - not very melodic but good lyrics, my favourite part:'I went to god just to see and I was looking at me saw heaven and hell were lies when I'm god everyone... DIES!!!' 5/5

1.   The Love Song
2.   Personal Jesus
3.   Mobscene
4.   The Fight Song
5.   Tainted Love
6.   The Dope Show
7.   This Is The New Shit
8.   Disposable Teens
9.   Sweat Dreams
10.   Lunchbox
11.   Tourniquet
12.   Rock Is Dead
13.   Get Your Gun
14.   The Nobodies
15.   Long Hard Road Out Of Hell
16.   The Beautiful People
17.   The Reflecting God
18.   Saint
19.   Irresponsible Hate Anthem
20.   Coma White
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