After Dark (dubbel lp)

After Dark (dubbel lp) Type: Full CD
Publisher: Stylus Music
Published in: 1989

1.   Love Is In The Air
2.   Try A Little Tenderness
3.   Love's Been Good To Me
4.   Ain't No Sunshine
5.   If (a picture paints a thousand words)
6.   No One Gave Me Love
7.   I who have nothing
8.   We Don't Live Here
9.   Dancing Endlessly
10.   Till
11.   You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
12.   We Had It All
13.   If I Sing You A Love Song
14.   The Impossible Dream
15.   Going Through The Motions (Submit new Lyrics)
16.   Pledging My Love
17.   My Way
18.   Come To Me
19.   If This Is Love
20.   Lady Put The Light Out (Submit new Lyrics)
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