American Idiot

American Idiot Type: Full CD
Publisher: Reprise
Published in: 2004

? Green Day
? American Idiot

Tracks: Released: Sept 21, 2004
American Idiot
Jesus Of Suburbia
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Are We The Waiting
St. Jimmy
Give Me Novacaine
She's A Rebel
Extraordinary Girl
Wake Me Up When September Ends

This Album made me a Green Day fan. I can play all of the songs on guitar/bass exept She's A Rebel and Extraordinary Girl. I just don't care for them...

1.   American idiot
2.   Jesus of suburbia
3.   Holiday
4.   Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
5.   Are we the waiting
6.   St. Jimmy
7.   Give me novacaine
8.   She's a rebel
9.   Extraordinary girl
10.   Letterbomb
11.   Wake me up when september ends
12.   Homecoming
13.   Whatsername
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Anonymous Fri 01 Sep, 2006 10:46 am

American Idiot is a concept album: in that aspect, this album is unique for Green Day. It's nice to see them break down yet another barrier for punk rock. And despite what some have said on this site, American Idiot is not the first time they've been famous. They have had two big waves of fame in this country- Dookie in 1993-94 (songs like Longview, When I Come Around, Basketcase), and the wave that came from when they released "Good Riddance" in 1998. After this, they dropped off the popular music scene for a few years in the USA, but were still coming out with CDs. "Warning", which came out right after the turn of the new millenium, was generally panned by the US audience, but loved in the UK.

I personally got to know Green Day at that time, when they were not popular. I was a freshman in high school in Michigan in 2002, when a friend introduced me to Warning. I immediately fell in love with this album. So, my friends and I had been listening to Warning and Nimrod for a while when we heard something about this American Idiot album. We were excited about it; Green Day going political was all right with us. And we did love it. It is an amazing CD. The lyrics and the tunes are absolutely sublime; almost anyone can listen to them. However, that is a big part of the problem: Anyone can listen to them. And the band has recently become another sell-out band: It's a sad story, and one told too many times.

In short, this album is good. Everything works. But everyone who remembers Green Day's roots, please keep in mind that this is not the band you once knew and loved. Hope and pray that they come back down to earth in the near future, or they will lose even more fans than they already have.

Punx Dog Wed 02 Aug, 2006 4:17 am

This album totally rocks!!! I don't know why people will think this album is more into pop. Last year, I didn't even know Green Day until my friends told me bout them. When I heard American Idiot on the radio, that songl really rock the hell out of me, I tell you. Before I bought the album, I only heard their songs on the radio. The first song that I heard was "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" (although it was a slow song, it still manage to sound like pure Punk Rock and that song made every Malaysian Teenagers feel in love with it.). Next was American Idiot (the song was totally Punk Rock). After listening to American Idiot, I started to love Green Day and decided to buy their album. For the first week, I only listened to "American Idiot" and "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" cause I was kinda scared to listen to the other tracks. As time passed by, I played the whole album while doing my homework and I noticed that I can't really concentrate cause all of their song was just totally awesome! I then fell in love with "Holliday" and "Wake Me Up When September Ends". Honestly, all their songs were totally awesome! The guitar, bass and drum was like totally Rock! This is one album you just got to listen to.

subzero3009 Tue 20 Jun, 2006 3:11 pm

I never liked green day to start with. NOt even their old stuff, but this is a pure disappointment even for the band that they are. Its pure crap now, i mean "Good Riddance" was ok, but it got old. This whole album pure sucks!

FatBearNo2 Mon 20 Mar, 2006 1:16 pm

This album is so overrated. The world evidently loved it because it was so ridiculously mainstream. What happened to Greenday being underground and raw? Suddenly Billy Joe barely even plays the guitar. I mean, Dookie was great but this new album is average and very ditinctly poppy. I reckon I'm the only person alive who thinks this so I bet lots of people are going to attack me now. There are some good tracks thought like Give Me Novacaine and American Idiot. Jesus of Suburbia isn't too bad either. In short this album is a lot of pop rubbish. Where has the real Greenday gone??

Fromage Fri 17 Mar, 2006 4:52 pm

This album is one of their best but it lacks something, or should i say, exesses in something. It bugs the s*** out of me that because no one has heard of them before this album, they win a couple of grammy's and everyone knows about them. True it is one of their best but when i hear people saying what a great FIRST album American Idiot is for Green Day I get tears in my eyes...tears of murder

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