Busta Rhymes

When Disaster Strikes

When Disaster Strikes
1.   Intro
2.   The Whole World Lookin' At Me
3.   Survival Hungry
4.   When Disaster Strikes
5.   So Hardcore
6.   Get High Tonight
7.   Turn It Up
8.   Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See
9.   There's Not A Problem My Squad Can't Fix
10.   We Could Take It Outside
11.   Rhymes Galore
12.   Things We Be Doin' for Money, Pt. 1 (Submit new Lyrics)
13.   Things We Be Doin' for Money, Pt. 2 (Submit new Lyrics)
14.   One
15.   Dangerous
16.   The Body Rock
17.   Get Off My Block
18.   Outro (Submit new Lyrics)
Type: Full CD
Publisher: Violator
Published in: 1997

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