Bruce Springsteen

Tracks - CD 1

Tracks - CD 1
1.   Mary Queen of Arkansas
2.   It's hard to be a saint in the city
3.   Growin' up
4.   Does this bus stop at 82nd Street?
5.   Bishop Danced (Submit new Lyrics)
6.   Santa Ana (Submit new Lyrics)
7.   Seaside Bar Song (Submit new Lyrics)
8.   Zero And Blind Terry (Submit new Lyrics)
9.   Linda Let Me Be The One (Submit new Lyrics)
10.   Thundercrack (Submit new Lyrics)
11.   Rendezvous
12.   Give The Girl A Kiss (Submit new Lyrics)
13.   Iceman (Submit new Lyrics)
14.   Bring on the night
15.   So Young And In Love (Submit new Lyrics)
16.   Hearts of stone
17.   Don't Look Back (Submit new Lyrics)
Type: Full CD
Publisher: Columbia
Published in: 1998

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