Reise, Reise

Reise, Reise I like this album alot. It has alot of better feel 2 it. Maybe not as heavy as the ones b4 but a lot more haunting.
1.   Reise, Reise
2.   Mein Teil
3.   Dalai Lama
4.   Keine Lust
5.   Los
6.   Amerika
7.   Moskau
8.   Morgenstern
9.   Stein Um Stein
10.   Ohne Dich
11.   Amour
Type: Full CD
Publisher: Motor Music
Published in: 2004

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CommonCrawl [Bot]
Tue 30 May, 2006 3:33 pm
i think all of rammsteins music is excellent...not as heavy as the older stuff but it sounds just as great
Wed 08 Dec, 2004 5:38 pm
reise reise is not as good as the other albums, exept for the actual reise reise song which is the best rammstein song ever i think.

The new album has a different theme to it. Take the song keine lust for example. It sounds like a mix between metallica and system of a down. Its a great album though,i recommend mutter or herzeleid. Theyre my two favorate albums because of zwitter and ashe zu ashe.
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